Saturday, October 6, 2012

Body Language

A lot has been written in the manosphere about the importance of body language. An alpha male carries himself confidently. He takes up space without apology. He stands tall and looks people in the eye.

And the opposite: looking down is a sign of submission. A lot of words have been written about this, but here's just one example: Eye Contact Game

In that link, Danger and Play tell us "If a girl looks down, she views herself as lower status than you." And "If you look down, it means you’re submissive. If you look down after making eye contact with a woman, you have subconsciously told her that you’re a worm."

Pop quiz: Below is a split-screen image from the Monday night presidential debate. Which man looks like an Alpha male, and which one looks like a submissive pussy?

Even with the sound off, it was clear who won this debate. But this isn't a political blog, and I'm not making this point to influence how you vote. My point is, you want to look like Romney, not like Obama.

The overwhelming consensus that Romney won the debate has as much to do with his and Obama's body language as it does with anything that either of them said. This stuff is important. If looking at the ground can affect the outcome of a presidential election, just imagine how it can affect your chances of getting laid.

The night of the debate was the Obama's 20th anniversary, so the leader of the free world probably got duty sex in a Denver hotel room after the debate. But I bet Mrs. Romney's panties were dripping during the limo ride back to the hotel and Mr. Romney got righteously laid Monday night.

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