Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's funny, because it's true

It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog: Chicks dig jerks.

Steve Sailer has published a review of Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress." In his blog post, he quotes a character from The Last Days of Disco, an earlier Stillman film.
Christopher Eigeman on Disney's Lady and the Tramp: What's the function of a film of this kind? Essentially as a primer on love and marriage directed at very young people, imprinting on their little psyches the idea that smooth-talking delinquents recently escaped from the local pound are a good match for nice girls from sheltered homes. When in ten years the icky human version of Tramp shows up around the house, their hormones will be racing and no one will understand why. Films like this program women to adore jerks. 
 Several reviews of Disco mention this quote. One calls it "...a hilarious deconstruction of Disney's Lady and the Tramp..." I can't argue with that. It's certainly funny. But it's also true.

One could turn this into a big nature/nurture discussion. Do chicks dig jerks because evolutionary biology has wired them that way, or because our culture has programmed them that way? Do films like Lady and the Tramp create culture, or merely reflect it?

Such things may be fun to think about, but the important thing to remember is simply this: Being the perpetual nice guy will only get you so far in life. To keep your woman feeling all tingly when she looks at you, you have to balance it with a bit of being a jerk.

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  1. I think women like men that are confident and men that take charge. Most jerks are confident so they can come in and get the girl. The trick for us ladies is to find a nice guy that is also confident! For the nice guys out there - step up and take charge - if you want a lady you need to let her know you want her and be confident in pursuing what you want - that is SEXY!